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New Republic/Galactic Alliance/New Jedi Order/Hapes Consortium/Imperial Remnant/Chiss Ascendancy vs Yuuzhan Vong/Peace Brigade
Galactic Republic/Jedi Order vs Confederacy of Independent Systems/Order of the Sith Lords
Galactic Alliance/New Jedi Order vs Fel Empire/One Sith/Chiss Ascendancy
Jedi Order/Royal House of Naboo/Gungans vs Trade Federation/Order of the Sith Lords
Coruscant and allies vs Core Worlds
Followers of Ashla vs Followers of Bogan
Galactic Republic/Jedi Order vs New Sith Empire/Brotherhood of Darkness
Ssi-ruuvi Imperium vs Galactic Empire/Rebel Alliance/New Republic
Galactic Republic/Revanchists vs Mandalorian Neo-Crusaders
Galactic Republic/Jedi Order vs Brotherhood of the Sith/Krath/Mandalorian Crusaders
Galactic Alliance/Imperial Remnant vs Confederation vs New Jedi Order/Alliance in Exile/Hapes Consortium/Wookiees
Galactic Republic/Jedi Order vs Sith Triumverate
Galactic Alliance/New Jedi Order vs Gorog/Killiks vs Chiss Ascendancy
Galactic Republic/Jedi Order vs Revan's Sith Empire
Darth Krayt's Sith Empire/One Sith/ vs Empire-in-exile/Imperial Knights vs Galactic Alliance Remnant vs New Jedi Order/Yuuzhan Vong
Jedi Order vs Galactic Empire/Order of the Sith Lords
Galactic Republic/Jedi Order vs True Sith/Mandalorians
Galactic Republic/Jedi Order vs Stark Combine
Galactic Republic/Jedi Order vs Dark Jedi
Galactic Republic/Jedi Order vs Sith Empire
Rebel Alliance/New Republic/New Jedi Order vs Galactic Empire/Imperial Remnant
Jedi Order vs Legions of Lettow

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