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HintSith LordAppearances
Founder of the One SithStar Wars: Legacy
King of OnderonTales of the Jedi
Mining administratorLegacy of the Force (mentioned only)
Founder of the MalevolenceStar Wars :Legacy
Killer of Qui-Gon JinnEpisode I
Prosthetic jawKnights of the Old Republic
Wielder of the DarkstaffLiving Force (RPG) (mentioned only)
The Chosen OneEpisodes III,IV,V,VI
Krath Warlord/Fallen JediTales of the Jedi
Emperor's HandStar Wars :Legacy
Creator of the double-bladed lightsaberTales of the Jedi/Jedi Academy Trilogy
Master of midi-chlorian manipulationEpisode III (mentioned only)
One of two rival claimants to the title of Dark Lord of the SithTales of the Jedi
Founder of the Order of the Sith LordsJedi vs Sith/Darth Bane Trilogy
Emperor's Hand/Former Emperor's FistStar Wars: Legacy
Fallen Pau'an JediThe Force Unleashed
Fallen Twilek JediJedi vs Sith/Darth Bane Trilogy
The Lord of HungerKnights of the Old Republic II
Blademaster of the Sith AcademyDarth Bane Trilogy
Sith Master of A'Sharad HettStar Wars: Legacy
HintSith LordAppearances
The Prodigal KnightKnights of the Old Republic
Founder of the Galactic EmpireEpisodes I,II,III,V,VI
Leader of the Sith during the Hundred-Year DarknessKnights of the Old Republic
Founder of the Brotherhood of DarknessJedi vs Sith/Darth Bane Trilogy
Dark Lord of the Sith during the Great Hyperspace WarTales of the Jedi
Claimed the title of Dark Lady of the SithLegacy of the Force/Marvel: Star Wars
Founder of the Prophets of the Dark SideThe Glove of Darth Vader (mentioned only)
The Lord of PainKnights of the Old Republic II
The Hidden FearThe Force Unleashed
Count of SerennoEpisodes II,III
The Lord of BetrayalKnights of the Old Republic II
Founder of the New Sith EmpireThe Phantom Menace novel (mentioned only)
Speculated creator of the LeviathansStar Wars: Vector
Considered greatest Sith of his ageTales of the Jedi/Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy
Head of the Sith AcademyDarth Bane Trilogy
Manipulator of the Anti-Republic Liberation FrontJedi vs Sith/Darth Bane Trilogy
Head of Sith Intelligence and AssassinationStar Wars: Legacy
Regent of the One SithStar Wars: Legacy
Grandson of Anakin SkywalkerLegacy of the Force
Master of the lightwhipJedi vs Sith/Darth Bane Trilogy

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