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Her father works as a substitute.
'You go girl!' Loves to give torturous grade killing poetry quizzes.
Always reading unless he's playing chess, never tell anyone a move if they're playing him.
Has steel gray hair and always carries around a big purse. Gives you early dissmissal passes if you are getting out early, and demerits if you are getting in late.
Ha Ha time, Yoga lessons in the middle of class, Amino acid dance.
Another College Counseler who is a little more spry than the other.
Refers to his son as 'Little Boy Dalton.'
Left her AP Lang students to fend for themselves when she took maternal leave in the 2008-2009 school year
Loves nickels, wrote for the show Numb3rs, that damn polar bear game.
Has a dry but hilarious sense of humor, seems to hate sophomore boys. Plays scattergories with her AP class.
Her husband sets up the entertainment for our dances, In love with Bon Jovi and Robert Pattinson.
Gives you a tylenol for your 'headache' instead of telling you to suck it up and get back to class.
More enthusiatic and less monotone in his AP class than in his regular classes. One of the freshman classes he used to teach got pulled.
Always on his phone during his class. Less enthusiastic than his co-worker.
Has a....peculiar....dress sense right around halloween time.....oh the mental scars....
Will he surpass his predecessor?
Student Council meets in her room, Don't confuse her with the teacher downstairs!
Need help with a stubborn lock? She's the one you call! Heads Jefferson Council and Helps out with Student Council.
Works behind the scenes to help connect students with oppurtunities.
A huge proponent of Support Our Soldiers.
Native Americans. 'Nuff said.
Walks around school looking like a boss.
Guy that lives in the closet and fixes computers.
'Ping!' Voice fluctuates randomly, plays awesome music while checking homework.
Make it rain!
'Bullshenanigans!' 'THE STORM!' (insert funny accent here). Mumbles under her breath during class, kinda funny if you catch what she's saying, has one of the worst table arrangemen
Other Head of NHS
Si vous pouvez lire ceci, remerciez elle.
Struts around his room during class, carrying a weapon.
'You are all wet lumps of clay, it is my job to mold you into the perfect student.' 'There will be no PINK in my MANLY room!' This guy is fearsome but a great teacher!
'I would be a goat! because i like to make goat sounds!' Blasted her AP students with a fire extinguisher, Bought herself a microphone to use during class.
Insanely in love with paella.
Guidance Counseler
He ran '_______- Mart'. Plays professional poker.
All the guys were sad when she got married. Over enthusiastic when compared to her co-worker.
Newer Teacher, teaches in Mrs. Potocki's old room.
Don't open a soda in her classroom, ever.... Shows you movies that make you want to skip lunch forever.
Head soccer coach.
Bad joke of the day teller.
Other guy that lives in the closet and fixes computers.
Beware his shiny head.
Huge Phillies fan. Great American! Teaches in the Cab Hallway.
'Ghetto Cookie Day!' Super-chill dude, not just cuz he goes on the ski trip every year.
You go to her for most of your college needs.
_________THE GREAT. Loves stale peeps.
Has a first name that is also the name of an Herb. Will force you to recite romantic era poetry during her class.
Really nice woman that works in the office.
Hates teaching bio but loves his other classes. Attends the annual Delaware Brain Bee.
Rarely seen not wearing black.
Is married to one of the other teachers, these two are almost polar opposites.
Intense gamer, you may know him as 'monetary.'
Awesome math teacher, brings in cookies before midterms, but thats not why she's awesome.
'If you know three languages, you are trilingual. If you know two languages, then you are bilingual. If you know only one are American.' Multilingual Hungarian teac
She's married to einstein (or at least a look-alike)
A real rule shark. She's been teaching for a looong time.
Never leaves his room. Ever.
Guidance Counseler
Got his car i mean we really put a teepee behind his parked car as a result of his long standing feud with Mrs. lober
Got stabbed in the side of his head.
Soooooo now that you have about an hour's worth of driving experience......wanna go to taco bell?
Head of NHS
'Signal, Mirror, Shoulder.' 'I don't know if I told you guys or not, but I used to be a Police officer.'

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