Space Footballers and their Drinking Game Incidents

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Can you name the Space Footballers and their Drinking Game Incidents?

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Drink when...Offending Player(s)
______ shouts 'GERRARD!'
______ misses a volley.
______ celebrates a tackle.
______ and ______ sweaty goal combo.
______ 'umps it.
______ gives away a set piece.
______ uses sound effects.
_______ goes on a surging run from defence.
______ 'ankle-bites'/goes down the bank.
______ brings more than one bird.
______ misses the ball entirely.
Halmarack defence consists only of ______
Drink when...Offending Player(s)
______ refuses to head the ball.
______ uses a 'Jehovah Swear'.
______ shows signs of emotion.
______ doesn't pass when he should.
______ blames himself
______ gets the ball, and runs.
______ makes a clean catch.
______ touches the ball.
______ rated as 'competent'.
______ lose on penalties.
______ win a final.

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