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Can you name the Zelda-related word/phrase for each letter?

Updated Feb 9, 2012

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LetterWord/PhraseHint (number of letters)
AKafei's fiancee (4)
BRobotic mouse-like explosive (7)
CFowl that fights back if provoked (5)
DTree in Kokiri Forest, or race that Link becomes in Majora's Mask (4)
EMan in Ruto town who announces his name upon meeting you (5)
FWoods outside Ordon Village (5)
GMost common antagonist (5)
HPerson who Skull Kid steals Majora's Mask from (5, 4, 8)
INew owner of Lon Lon Ranch in Ocarina of Time (4)
JGiant fish...in Wind Waker (5)
KMask wanted by guard in Kakariko Village (6)
LThe hero (4)
MWoman who finds Link washed up on the beach on Koholint Island (5)
LetterWord/PhraseHint (number of letters)
NGoddess of Wisdom (5)
OMost common instrument (7)
PTriforce piece associated with Ganondorf (5)
QOne of the three medallions in A Link to the Past (5)
RSage of Light in Ocarina of Time (5)
SOwner of battleship-like cannon mini-game on Windfall Island (9)
TThe golden triangles (8)
USecond sword skill learned in Adventure of Link (2, 6)
VFinal boss in Minish Cap (5)
WResident of the egg atop Tal Tal Mountains (4, 4)
XA Jewel needed to enter the Tarm Ruins in Oracle of Seasons (1-6)
YFemale who turns into Blizzeta (4)
ZTitular princess (5)

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