Defunct Countries

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Can you name the countries that now incorporate these bygone nations ?

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Defunct CountryModern Country Continent
Republic of RagusaEurope
Banama EmpireAfrica
Khanate of CrimeaEurope
Republic of GenoaEurope
Papal StatesEurope
Principality of AnsbachEurope
Kingdom of BaliAsia
Kingdom of BhonsleAsia
Ryukyu KingdomAsia
Sultanate of TripoliAfrica
Republic of AcreSouth America
Republic of the Orange Free StateAfrica
Republic of NegrosAsia
Republic of TexasNorth America
Free City of DanzigEurope
Kingdom of NejdAsia
Defunct CountryModern Country Continent
Republic of AraratAsia
Kingdom of KentEurope
Kingdom of AsturiasEurope
Duchy of BrittanyEurope
Khmer EmpireAsia
Parthian EmpireAsia
Grand Duchy of Saxe-Weimar-EisenachEurope
Viscountcy of BearnEurope
Duchy of BohemiaEurope
Kingdom of JersualemAsia
Principality of RaskaEurope
Tangut EmpireAsia
Kingdom of AragonEurope

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