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Can you name the U.S. states based on the story of how they got their name?

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Forced Order
Name BackgroundU.S. State
Spanish for 'snow covered' in reference to white-capped mountains
Named for a fictional utopia found in the novel 'The Exploits of Esplandian'
Named after Queen Henrietta Maria of England
Named for the river of the same name which is named after the Kaw tribe
Latin word meaning 'land of the Indians'
Named after Elizabeth I of England's title
Named after the river of the same name which probably means 'on the meadow' or 'on the prairie' in Iroquoian
An Ottawa word for 'large water'
French pronunciation of a Quapaw word meaning 'land of downriver people' or 'people of the south wind'
Likely, the name refers to the state being on the mainland as opposed to the coastal islands
Named after the river of the same name which was named after Thomas West, 3rd Baron De La Warr
French for 'green mountain'
Derived from the Aleut word for 'the mainland'
A rough translation of a Choctaw word meaning 'Indian territory'
Named in honor of America's first president
Theories abound but one suggests that the name comes from a French mistranslation of the Native word 'Ouisconsin,' the Native name of a local river
Algonquian for 'near the great little-mountain'
Spanish for 'flowery Easter' in honor of the time of year it was discovered
Probably a corrupted translation of the Miami word for 'it lies red'
A Seneca word for 'large creek'
Nobody is sure of the etymology but it might be Plains Apache for 'enemy'
A Munsee Delaware word for 'at the big river flat' (the name was transported westward from a Pennsylvanian valley of the same name)
Named after a Muskogean tribe that lived below the confluence of the Coosa and Tallapoosa Rivers
An Illinois word meaning 'dugout canoe'
Name BackgroundU.S. State
Named after King George II of Great Britain
Sioux word for 'ally' or 'friend' and the state's geographic location
French pronunciation of the Algonquian word for 's/he speaks normally'
Derived from 'Tanasi,' a Cherokee village
Spanish for 'red' or 'reddish' in reference to the river of the same name
Named after an island in the English Channel
A Western Apache word meaning 'high'
Named after a country whose name probably derives from the god Mextli
Named in honor of the former title of King James II of England
An Eastern Algonquian word meaning 'at the long tidal river'
Named after Admiral William Penn
Either a basque word meaning 'good oak' or a O'odham work meaning 'small spring'
Either Dutch for 'red island' or a reference to an island chain in the Aegean Sea
Named after a county in England
Chiwere word for 'flattened water' after the Platte River
Comes from the Caddo word for 'friend'
Named after Elizabeth I of England's title and the state's geographic location
Ojibwe word meaning 'great river' in reference to the river of the same name
Named after King Charles I of England and the state's geographic location
Named for the local tribe that may mean 'sleepy ones'
A Dakota word meaning 'cloudy water' in reference to the river of the same name
Spanish for 'mountain' in reference to the state's most prominent natural feature
Either named after the legendary homeland of the Polynesians or for the legendary discoverer of the state
Named after King Louis XIV of France

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