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Can you name the things that are misspelled on purpose (HINT: Make sure you spell it 'right')?

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Band from Liverpool usually considered to be the best band ever
Rapper and former host of 'Pimp My Ride'
Computer-geek word meaning utter domination
Local funnyman in the Simpsons' universe
Convenience store in the Simpsons' universe
Band that formed in 1984 whose first album was 'Fingers On It'
Western U.S. fast food chain that serves the 'Double-Double'
Group formed in 1988 that specializes in 'new jack swing' music
Recliner company that gets several mentions in the movie BASEketball
Thick, processed sauce made by Kraft
Online photo sharing site
This rapper is famous for the song 'Gin and Juice'
An electricity and natural gas company based in Minneapolis
Nitrogen-propelled cream often dispensed directly into the mouth
Square, orange crackers made by Kellogg
Justin Timberlake can thank this boy band for his current success
The next technological step after DVD
Hippie jam-band that formed in 1983 at the University of Vermont
Hate group associated with white hoods
1994 NOFX album
1991 Ice Cube gangsta movie
Rock band famous for the song 'Welcome to the Jungle'
Cereal with a mascot named Sam
Davy Jones' band
This Australian rock group is famous for songs like 'Devil Inside' and 'New Sensation'
2002 Paul Walker sequel
1993 Brad Pitt and David Duchovny movie
21st largest convenience store chain in the U.S. with a name that makes pre-teens giggle
A mathematician helps the FBI solve crimes in this TV show
Nu Metal band famous for the song 'Nookie'
This rapper's name is misspelled but, if you eliminate the space, his name spells out a U.S. state
Southern rock group famous for the song 'Sweet Home Alabama'
Seth Green and Matthew Senreich's production company
Rapper famous for the album 'Tha Carter' and its two sequels
Stephen King book and 1989 movie of the same name
Coating for chicken and pork or Ricky Bobby's favorite saying
2001 Tony Shalhoub horror movie
1995 Brad Pitt thriller
2008 Ben Stiller sequel
Dolls with stick-like bodies and gigantic heads made by MGA Entertainment
A Milwaukee-based beer that's meant to be less filling than a normal beer
2002 Al Pacino movie regarding technology
Metal band famous for the song 'Freak on a Leash'
Last and only XFL championship team
1997 Tim Allen family comedy
Rock band famous for the song 'In the End'
2009 Brad Pitt war movie
Thrash rock group famous for the song 'Symphony of Destruction'
This English rock band is famous for the song 'Pour Some Sugar On Me'
2006 Will Smith movie
Brand of chewing gum invented by Philadelphia-based company Fleer

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