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Can you name the things that have a cardinal direction (compass direction) in its name?

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An album by Rasheeda, an Australian DJ, or the term for hip hop originating from below the Mason-Dixon Line
This constellation is on the flags of Australia, New Zealand, and Brazil among others
Region that includes Indiana, Illinois, and Iowa.
Early 90's TV show about a young doctor who sets up a practice in Alaska
Mark Goddard's role in the TV show 'Lost in Space'
Glinda of Oz's title
Diet plan created by Arthur Agatston and Marie Almon
1985 mini-series about the Civil War
1984 John Updike novel
HBO show starring Danny McBride
Phrase authored by John B.L. Soule in 1851 in reference to an expanding America
Quick! Name one of the countries with a cardinal direction in its name!
Sporting good company stationed in Wausau, WI
Quick! Name one of the U.S. states with a cardinal direction in its name!
Airline company that shares its initials with a gangsta rap group.
Quick! Name one of the Australian states/territories with a cardinal direction in its name!
Another name for the aurora borealis
Location of Walhalla Overlook and Bright Angel Point
Actor who played Harry Callahan
Former sex symbol who starred in the movie 'Every Day's a Holiday'
Airline company with a blue, red, and yellow fleet.
Outdoor clothing company stationed in San Leandro, CA
English joint stock company created to open trade with Asia
U.S. based financial services and communications company
John Candy died during the filming of this movie
Romeo and Juliet-esque musical with Sharks and Jets instead of Montagues and Capulets
Quick! Name one of the continents with a cardinal direction in its name!
Famous military academy in New York
Sketch on SCTV featuring the McKenzie brothers
1994 Elijah Wood movie
Roadside attraction on Interstate 95 in South Carolina
An Irish boy-band formed in 1998
Location of Santa's workshop
Collective name for the islands of the Caribbean Sea
Sea route that travels over Canada and connects the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans
1996 Wayans brother movie
Mountain range in New Zealand
Nickname shared by Jimmy Hart, Ted Turner, and Gary Claxton
Busiest passenger rail line in the U.S.
Body of water between the U.K., Norway, and Denmark
Many cowboys claimed to hold this title
Egocentric rapper famous for songs like 'Gold Digger' and 'Homecoming'
Liqueur used in an Alabama Slammer and '57 Chevy
1959 Hitchcock-directed movie
Founder of Kodak
Hometown of Notre Dame University
A motto often spouted by disgruntled Civil War losers
Roller coaster at Santa Monica's Pacific Park
Song by both The Escape Club and Will Smith
1973 Yul Brynner movie
Another way to say 'The situation got bad'
Part of U.K. notorious for bloody rivalry between Catholics and Protestants
Musical that features the songs 'Bali Ha'i' and 'Happy Talk'
Landmass known as 'Te Ika a Maui' to the Maori
Town where the NY Giants and NY Jets play
Region that includes Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and Jordan.
Specific type of storm that occurs off the coasts of New England and Atlantic Canada
Batman actor and 'Family Guy' voice-over artist
Popular BBC soap opera since 1985
Biannual, 11 country-wide, multi-sport competition that held its first event in Thailand in 1959
1955 James Dean movie
The water surrounding Antarctica
2007 David Cronenberg-directed movie
Spring Break destination in Texas
Long-running Comedy Central show involving 4 foul-mouthed youths.

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