Big 4 Missing Champions (20 Years)

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Can you name the championship team based on the other sports' champions of the same year (last 20 years only)?

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____, Bulls, Packers, and Red Wings 
____, Rockets, 49ers, Avalanche  
____, Celtics, Giants, Red Wings 
____, Bulls, Redskins, Penguins 
____, Spurs, Patriots, nobody 
Yankees, ____, Broncos, Red Wings 
nobody, ____, Cowboys, NY Rangers  
Marlins, ____, Buccaneers, Devils 
Cardinals, ____, Steelers, Hurricanes 
Red Sox, ____, Patriots, Lightning 
Red Sox, Spurs, ____, Ducks 
Yankees, Lakers, ____, Devils 
Yankees, Spurs, ____, Stars 
Twins, Bulls, ____, Penguins 
Diamondbacks, Lakers, ____, Avalanche 
TBD, Lakers, Saints, ____ 
Blue Jays, Bulls, Cowboys, ____ 
Angels, Lakers, Patriots, ____ 
Yankees, Bulls, Cowboys, ____ 
Yankees, Lakers, Steelers, ____ 

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