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Son leaves his father / Taken to dentist office / Clown searches Sydney2003
Super tornado / Girl helps creatures and herself / Ugly people melt1939
Man goes to Princeton / 'You do eat dinner, don't you?' / Man soon goes crazy2001
Bum punches dead pigs / Trains endlessly to beat foe / Climbs the Philly steps1976
Ah-ooh Ah-ooh Raaaah / This is madness! To the pit! / Five hundred K dead2006
Woman falls in love / She loses her memory / They die side by side2004
Midget gets a ring / Goes to fiery mountain / Loses his finger2003
Hitmen kill people / Couple almost robs diner / Mob-boss wife ODs1994
Doctor kills house guests / 'I will have him for dinner.' / Case needs to be solved1991
Beat-up kid needs help / 'Wax on, wax off. Paint the fence.' / Crane kick to the face1984
Brit travels desert / Man gathers rag-tag army / Begins with his death1962
birth starts on Pride Rock/ dad dies then son runs away/It means no worries! 1994
Man comes from Cuba/'Say hi to my little friend!' / tony, THE WORLD'S YOURS.1983
Gangster-like movie / Horse betting's a total sham/Nobody dies. 1973
Crossdressing old guy / Gets owned by james bond actor / Finally sees kids1992
Straight to VHS / Matthew Broderick was in it/ Epic disney fail.1998

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