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Forced Order
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LyricsMissing WordSong
By __ o'clock I'm back in bed, fighting the jury in my head
He says ____ is not a factor
No bang or ______ no sound at all
I once stepped on a dying ____
It's hard to work on an _______ line of broken hearts
Who needs love when the sandwiches are wicked and they know you at the ___ store
Do you want to go back home check your ________ and charge your phone
I'm scanning through the ________ as the boys declare their feelings
The pieces don't fit together so good with all the breaking and all the ______ back
Just makes me nervous that the lizard king ______ you
Ukulele, wand of ______
There's the pair of ______ that we had laughed was me and you
Good morning ______ king you're a star
You felt it like a ______of panic
The ______ makes things hard enough, I think I'll wait another year
Let's go to Vegas, let's get a _______ back room
LyricsMissing WordSong
It is the ________ my darling or it's me
When I'm old I am beautiful, planting ______ and vegetables
They don't know that we are the ______
My heart is exactly the size of a six-sided ___ cut in half
I am a ____ that's carved up with her name
I'm travelling in circles and the world's a _______ oyster
The light's amazing, man, so time your ________
My friend has maladies, _______ and allergies that she dates back to the 17th century
And when Blake dates girls with tattoos of the ________
My little life is all f*cked up, my ______ is in disarray
I would still love you if you wanted a _____
Your eyes full of _______ its nice that you're trying
Put yourself in it and turn into one of those _________ ads that you hate
Or I could go to Australia, carry a _____ knife
She knew all the ______ they were all very friendly

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