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Can you name the superhero, supervillain or super-team by his/her/their subtitle or moniker?

Featured Mar 1, 2012

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Subtitle or MonikerSuperhero Name
God of Thunder
Boy Wonder
The Merc with the Mouth
He's the best at what he does
World's Greatest Detective
Fastest Man Alive
The Emerald Archer
He has the power of a million exploding suns
Your friendly neighborhood...
Earth's Mightiest Heroes
The Spirit of Vengeance
The ever-lovin, blue-eyed...
The Sorcerer Supreme
The Master of Magnetism
The First Family
The Golden Avenger
He's coming to his past to save your future
The World's Mightiest Mortal
Subtitle or MonikerSuperhero Name
The Dweller-in-the-Depths
Imperius Rex
The Green Goliath
The Unstoppable
The Main Man
Sentinel of Liberty
Devourer of Worlds
The Accuser
The Amazon
Emerald Guardian
The Terminator
The Man Who Broke the Bat
The Right Hand of Doom
The Fist of Khonshu
The Prince of Power
The Clown Prince of Crime
The Man without Fear
Man of Steel

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