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What Roman God was the month of January named after?
Which sport is known as “The sport of kings”?
What is the Capital of Bermuda?
What is Androphobia a fear of?
What Currency is used in Gibraltar?
How many lakes are in the lake district?
How many points is a blue ball worth in snooker?
In which American state were the 1996 Olympic Games held?
Formula 1 racing driver... Kamui ___________
Who invented the words 'assassination,' and 'bump'?
How many eyes does a bee have?
What do you call the dot on the letter i?
Which king in a deck of cards has no moustache?
Which Planet rotates clockwise?
What is the only food that never spoils?
What is the longest word in the english dictionary which has no vowels?
If you took colouring out of coca-cola, what colour would it be?

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