YuGiOh! Season 1 Duelists

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Can you name the YuGiOh! Season 1 Duelists?

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Deck TypeDuelistExtra Info
Dark MagicianNo Type Theme
Red EyesNo Type Theme
ZombieFollows Intercontinental Champion
MachineIntercontinental Champion
OceanRanked 3rd Best In World
InsectRegional Champion
HarpieAroma Strategy
FairyOnly Dueled Once
Blue EyesWorld Champion
Deck TypeDuelistExtra Info
Unknown ThemeMillenium Ring Spirit
Shadow GhoulWants her father's Blue Eyes back
No ThemeDungeon Dice Monsters Creator
Stolen DeckWants revenge for his big brother
Blue EyesWants revenge on Yugi
DinosaurRegional Runner Up

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