YuGiOh! Fusion Monsters

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Can you name the YuGiOh! Fusion Monsters by Fusion Materials?

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Fusion Material MonsterFusion MonsterFusion Material Monster
Mokey Mokey x3N/A
Pitch-Dark DragonDark Blade
Barrel DragonBlowback Dragon
Meteor DragonRed Eyes Black Dragon
Lady of FaithWitch of the Black Forest
Blue Eyes White Dragon x3N/A
Masaki the Legendary SwordsmanFlame Manipulator
Ancient Gear Golem2 Other Ancient Gear Monsters
Cave DragonLesser Fiend
Cyber DragonSyber Dragon
Cannon SoldierGiga-Tech Wolf
RelinquishedThousand Eyes Idol
Crass ClownDream Clown
Fusion Material MonsterFusion MonsterFusion Material Monster
Ryu-KishinFrenzied Panda
Curse of DragonGaia the Fierce Knight
FiregrassPetit Dragon
Blast JugglerTwin-Headed King Rex
Summoned SkullRed Eyes Black Dragon
Tainted WisdomAncient Brain
Baby DragonTime Wizard
Guardian of the LabyrinthProtector of the Throne
Blue Eyes Ultimate DragonBlack Luster Soldier
Blue-Winged CrownNiwatori
TongyoBottom Dweller
Steel Ogre Grotto #1Lesser Dragon

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