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Can you name the YuGiOh! Fusion Monsters by Fusion Materials?

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Fusion Material MonsterFusion MonsterFusion Material Monster
Tainted WisdomAncient Brain
Ancient Gear Golem2 Other Ancient Gear Monsters
Blue Eyes Ultimate DragonBlack Luster Soldier
Cannon SoldierGiga-Tech Wolf
Blue Eyes White Dragon x3N/A
Masaki the Legendary SwordsmanFlame Manipulator
FiregrassPetit Dragon
Pitch-Dark DragonDark Blade
Blue-Winged CrownNiwatori
Curse of DragonGaia the Fierce Knight
Steel Ogre Grotto #1Lesser Dragon
RelinquishedThousand Eyes Idol
Cyber DragonSyber Dragon
Fusion Material MonsterFusion MonsterFusion Material Monster
Meteor DragonRed Eyes Black Dragon
Guardian of the LabyrinthProtector of the Throne
Barrel DragonBlowback Dragon
Summoned SkullRed Eyes Black Dragon
Cave DragonLesser Fiend
Ryu-KishinFrenzied Panda
Mokey Mokey x3N/A
Lady of FaithWitch of the Black Forest
Baby DragonTime Wizard
Crass ClownDream Clown
TongyoBottom Dweller
Blast JugglerTwin-Headed King Rex

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