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no gynaecologist (willing to have a look)
imac whores blow J*b
Formerly RedAddict
Cat freak
Big footed hermaphrodite
Needs help
thinking about mount olive
I.C.F. Member
Chica Time!
I too love women...for their shoes.
Astrophysical Genius
Gloom & Doom Spastic
Bald Boring Cnut
extremely handsome, intelligent, gay and talented poster
top stalker
fat gutted, hairy shouldered stinky a*se
Winner of The Redcafe World Cup Fantasy League 2010
ralugeR maeT tsriF
Latin for deep throat
Aka Giggs 11 times
Doesn't like his Tagline played with
Poster of the year: 2010
Mrs Robinson's bit on the side
Les jeux sont Fait
aka Trippin_Stoned
Hectic gargles my balls
Born a freak always a freak.
Act your rage
Emmy Moses
Hairy big footed Swede
Ret's Slave
Poster on nonsense
Has issues!
Thus says Kemo
A Barbie girl in a Barbie world
Poster of the year 2008
Know-It-All Champion May 2009
On the lookout for a dilf
'Ronaldo and trophies > Manchester United football club'
Has excellent taste in women
Lady Ole
Gay and Upset (thieving scouse ghet)
Bestower of favours
Clean Shaven and Foolish
Left Back..... in the changing room
Copy & Paste Expert
The Caf's worst songwriter
Ruud's agent, United's biggest shareholder, loves United with passion...
I'm hungry
Attention Whoring Common Crow
concerned about the dermatitis
لسلام عليكم و رحمة الله و بركاته
Off his rocker
Redcafe Yahoo Pool champion 2007
Frnkie Sys
Berba Lover who still does Spazzy threads
Member of the Muppet Empire
Winner of the Tabata bet
Academy player
....and nobody likes a diver
I vote Weaste out!
Mango Mango Man
Quite dreamy - blue eyes, blond hair, tanned skin
may peace and blessings of God be upon me
Aka RichieRich12
Caf Nostradamus
Spam alert!
nice guy, unassuming, objective United fan. Thinks hes intelligent though. Nutter
Aka Caveman
Extreme Mental Retardation
Spit and Polish
4-0 and we f*cked it up!
Ar*e wiper and c*ck washer
Straight Guy
Lost his light sabre
Bites pillows thinking of John Terry
More space between ears than Scholesy
RTA waiting to happen
Over 65s Team Player
A Grade's partner
Highly Accomplished Muppet
Owen Is A Crock
Likes Loan Stickies
Author of gayest thread 07/08
Talks sense
Shawshank redemption
Chef and honorary fat bloke in the Warrington Gimp Collective

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