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Celeb CrushWell she is a single ladie
Favorite CandyHe likes candy!
Best Friends NameHe is in his music video one time
Favorite NumberSame as his shoe size!
Favorite TV Showits hard it will have a SMALL percent of right answers
1st albumInclude his name at the front of it
AgeEasy Peasy Lemon Squeezy
Celeberty BFFhe is in his music videon one time
1 sport he playsTHere are 3 of them u only need 2 no 1
Ex Girlfriends NameBeadles or Beedles is her last name
Favorite Colors (2)He likes to wear these colors
Birthday MonthThe 14th of this month
What color are his eyes?If u dont know this u shouldnt take this
Hand he uses to writeLIKE not ME!!!
Birth CountryNot in the US
Favorite FoodThese are yummy foods
Name 1 songSay any of them
Middle Namehis intials are JDB

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