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Name 1 songSay any of them
Celeberty BFFhe is in his music videon one time
Celeb CrushWell she is a single ladie
Favorite TV Showits hard it will have a SMALL percent of right answers
Favorite FoodThese are yummy foods
Favorite NumberSame as his shoe size!
Birth CountryNot in the US
Birthday MonthThe 14th of this month
Ex Girlfriends NameBeadles or Beedles is her last name
What color are his eyes?If u dont know this u shouldnt take this
Hand he uses to writeLIKE not ME!!!
Middle Namehis intials are JDB
1 sport he playsTHere are 3 of them u only need 2 no 1
AgeEasy Peasy Lemon Squeezy
Favorite CandyHe likes candy!
1st albumInclude his name at the front of it
Best Friends NameHe is in his music video one time
Favorite Colors (2)He likes to wear these colors

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