Political Parties in the United States

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left or liberal; one of the 'big three' minor parties
Leninist; infamous for defending the 1956 Soviet invasion of Hungary
Leninism; was the voice of the USSR in America, but now has adopted a much softer line
democratic socialist; focuses on the worker
right or conservative; one of the 'big three' minor parties
paleoconservatism; formerly known as the American Heritage Party
centrism; rather than division, they like...
center-left or moderate liberal; one of the two major parties
libertarian; one of the 'big three' minor parties
centrism, transpartisanship, veteran support
Christian conservative; founded by Alan Keyes
libertarian, not connected to the 19th century agrarian movement
paleoconservatism, White nationalism; based in California
democratic socialist; active primarily in California
libertarian; follows Ayn Rand's philosophy
Leninism; one of the larger communist parties, Guevera is their logo
liberalism, progressivism; active primarily in New York
Trotskyist; member of the Committe for a Workers' International
paleoconservative; broke off from the Reform Party
anti-war party
paleoconservative; originally from Utah
centrism, economic nationalism; founded by Ross Perot
founded by former Salt Lake City mayor Rocky Anderson
conservatism, anti-alcoholism; the oldest third party in the country
constitutionalism, copyright reform, transparency
Trotskyist; member of the International Committee for the Fourth International
centrism; formerly known as the New American Independent Party
center-right or moderate conservative; one of the two major parties
Trotskyist; sympathizer of the Fourth International
drug legalization
Trotskyism, socialist feminism; they tend to focus on feminism in particular
one of the only neo-Nazi groups today to run candidates
Leninist, but historically Trotskyist; was the voice of American Trotskyism for a long time

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