Slavers in Mattimeo (Redwall book)

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Can you name the slavers of Slagar's band in Mattimeo?

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the second slaver to die in the mutinyWeasel
one of the five survivorsWeasel
helped trap Matthias and friends in a caveStoat
rather oafish, had been in a traveling act beforeWeasel
Only ever mentioned once! This one's tough!?
drove slave cart at beginning, one of the second-in-commandsStoat
died in marshWeasel
first slaver to dieWeasel
had a hook, survived the mutinyWeasel
killed by Blackrobe ratsWeasel
died in the Painted Ones' woodsStoat
gave away slaves and slavers to Painted Ones with his noiseStoat
'leader' of one side of the mutiny; one of the second-in-commandsWeasel
pushed off cliff by SlagarStoat
died in marshFerret (later identified as a weasel)
ended the mutiny with his hookWeasel
confident; could play drumsFerret

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