Slavers in Mattimeo (Redwall book)

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Can you name the slavers of Slagar's band in Mattimeo?

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pushed off cliff by SlagarStoat
one of the five survivorsWeasel
gave away slaves and slavers to Painted Ones with his noiseStoat
'leader' of one side of the mutiny; one of the second-in-commandsWeasel
drove slave cart at beginning, one of the second-in-commandsStoat
killed by Blackrobe ratsWeasel
died in the Painted Ones' woodsStoat
died in marshWeasel
Only ever mentioned once! This one's tough!?
confident; could play drumsFerret
helped trap Matthias and friends in a caveStoat
first slaver to dieWeasel
ended the mutiny with his hookWeasel
the second slaver to die in the mutinyWeasel
died in marshFerret (later identified as a weasel)
had a hook, survived the mutinyWeasel
rather oafish, had been in a traveling act beforeWeasel

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