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Can you name the couples from the OC?

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Forced Order
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CharacterSignificant otherhint
Jimmyex wife
Summeratomic county co creater
Jimmyleave on a yacht
Johnnyoriginal girlfriend
RyanJohnny's cousin
Ryanillegitimate child
Marissa'welcome to the OC bitch'
Volchokhappened at Chilli's party
RyanPregnant with Eddies baby
Marissainadvertantly killed her
CharacterSignificant otherhint
Ryanalmost died in TJ
Jimmyhigh school sweetheart
Sethloves comic books
Sethgoes to brown
Marissalesbian lover
Julieex convict
Taylorwrote a Season for Peaches
Juliehead of the New Port group
Ryanmarried a french man
Julieplastic surgeon

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