Celebrities in Pig Latin

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Can you name the celebrities by their name written in pig latin?

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Pig Latin VersionReal Name (English)
Enniferjay Opezlay
Istianocray Onaldoray
Arispay Iltonhay
Ustinjay Ieberbay
Avidday Eckhambay
Atykay Errypay
Adylay Agagay
Arackbay Obamaway
Oprahway Infreyway
Elenasay Omezgay
Arshallmay Athersmay
Ischray Ownbray
Illbay Atesgay
Evestay Obsjay
Anielday Oshtay
Pig Latin VersionReal Name (English)
Immyjay Allonfay
Ebronlay Amesjay
Ayjay Enolay
Obekay Yantbray
Usherway Aymondray
Ayneway Ooneyray
Omtay Ankshay
Icknay Onasjay
Asonjay Azmray
Evaway Ongorialay
Imtay Uncanday
Ichaelmay Elpsphay
Ephenstay Olbertcay
Essicajay Albaway
Icknay Annoncay

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