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Can you name the order in which each astronaut visited the planets, Pluto, and the Moon?

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The number before each astronaut's name represents the time slot. EXAMPLE: Let's say the answer to "1. Buzz" is Earth. That means during the first time slot Buzz was on Earth. Each row represents one time slot. IF there is a number in parentheses, it indicates how many OTHER astronauts accompanied him at that time. EXAMPLE: "4. Neil (1)" indicates that in the fourth time slot Neil was on a planet (or Pluto or the Moon) with one other astronaut. IF there are no numbers in parentheses that DOESN'T mean the astronaut was alone. It simply means you do not get any information for that cell. As always, no guessing is required. Wrong answers end the quiz. Hit "Play Game" to begin. Good Luck!
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1. Neil (1)


3. Neil

4. Neil (1)

5. Neil

6. Neil

7. Neil (1)

8. Neil

9. Neil

10. Neil (1)

1. Buzz

2. Buzz

3. Buzz (1)

4. Buzz

5. Buzz

6. Buzz

7. Buzz

8. Buzz

9. Buzz

10. Buzz

1. Mike

2. Mike (1)

3. Mike

4. Mike

5. Mike

6. Mike (2)

7. Mike

8. Mike

9. Mike (1)

10. Mike

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