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Actor who plays Jesse Pinkman:A
Actor who plays Walter White:B
What Walter and Skylar buy to launder money:C
Hank's employer:D
Jesse's old partner, who got decomposed by hydrofluoric acid:E
What Walter Jr. asked people to call him:F
Walter's boss who eventually tries to kill him:G
Name of Walter and Skylar's baby girl:H
Skylar tells Walter of her affair by saying '_ _____ ___':I
Jesse's girlfriend who overdosed on heroin:J
Who Walter killed with a bike lock:K
Fast food chicken restaurant owned by Gustavo Fring:L
'The Cleaner's' real name:M
State of where the show takes place:N
Where Marie goes to lie and steal:O
The brand of Walter's car:P
What Walter does with his job at the car wash: he...Q
Actor who plays Walter White Jr.:R
Name of Walter and Jesse's crooked lawyer:S
Who Walter and Jesse first distributed their blue meth to:T
Hank's relationship to Walter Jr.:U
The show's creator:V
Character who sells herself for sex, who can be found in or near the Crystal Palace: W
What Jesse received after getting beaten up by Hank:X
Jesse's favorite phrase when greeting someone:Y
Badger and Skinny Pete argue about these character's roles in video games:Z

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