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I was the best pickleball player ever
Well polish my nuts and give me a milkshake
I am the biggest soccer fan ever. but I have never watched a game
If you are not black, you are white
Mr. Official!
Marcus Deware
Bonus: I am a made up roomate
Ginger You are a worthless cod4 teamate. What I say goes
I dont glitch in every EA sports game. My last name is lamana
Monkey, are you going to read demar a lullaby
cleo lemon
I have heard myself talk before
A Yellow card. Oh my god! the world is going to end
The capital of the country I am from is Manilla
Yummy, I love to eat wings suds and spuds.
I am the halo 3 janitor
Hey demar, you got a nice a d1ck
I am feeling the a firm piece of wood
What on god's green earth were you thinking.
Are you gay or are you gay; pick one
Get a wambulance on peachtree
I have over 40 legit nukes
My last name begins with z
mmm, these chips are crunchy as a marshmellow
I sell my made up halo accounts for made up money
I am sick to my stomach right now
I did the problem in my head in my mind
Get a wambulance up to Ithaca
I am transferring from RMU because the parties suck
I hate black people
The stolen xbox live account(bonus)
I am going to get my dick sucked, right meow!
Who likes weiner, steve likes weiner.
Dadada dadada dada. 'lotr'
You little nub
I have clodhoppers
matusic is toosick when he is on the scene
I'm going to get me some pu-tang

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