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Famous composer, known for such pieces as 'The Marriage Of Figaro' and KV 617Janus
Known for climbing Mt. Everest and freezing halfway between the base and the summitTomas
Famous sculptor known for constructing the Statue of Liberty and the Eiffel TowerLucian
Famous scientist known for the invention of the lightbulbEkaterina
Credited as the discoverer of electricity, most often portrayed with a key on a kiteLucian
First woman to swim across the English ChannelTomas
The most influential leader of the Zulu Kingdom of Africa (honourary member)Tomas
Famously short general who met his end at the Battle of WaterlooLucian
Japanese warlord, collected thousands of his enemy's swordsTomas
Daughter of last Russian Tsar, believed to have escaped her family's massacreLucian
The last emperor of ChinaJanus
One of the most brilliant scientists of all time, invented the theory of relativityEkaterina

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