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Can you name the Demonym! (Nationality)?

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Clothing manufacturerVon
Alternate form of paymentdifferent spelling
Type of KissNot Hershey
To put spin on a ballUsually in Pool
Small chocolate ballsminus the 'rs' from the end
A bird and a fruitbut this one is the bird
Fruity sugar and starch delightNo hint
To end and/or completeNo hint
A type of body waxNot the wax itself
English slang term for licoriceNo hint
Motorcycle manufacturerAlso an incorrect term for a type of people
Candy berries by MaynardsAvailable in North America
English term for RutabagaNo hint
A sweet pastryNo hint
To make shinyalternate pronounciation
North American term for a draw in sportsdifferent spelling
Osbourne of Black SabbathHe's not from there

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