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Name the only player to have played in the Merseyside, Manchester and Glasgow derbies.
Who holds the longest unbeaten League run?
Who plays at Home Park?
What's the name of the founder of the Football League?
Who has the record for the most games in the Premier League?
How many welsh clubs have taken part in the English Football League? (all time)
How many teams have competed in the Premier League to date?
Which team was not in the original Football Alliance? A. Long Eaton Rangers B. Accrington C. Bootle D. Walsall Town Swifts
(UPDATED) Which 3 players have won the Premier League with two different clubs? Last names seperated by a space (eg. Name Name Name)
What league were current Conference National team Oxford United in during the 1985-1986 season?
The owner of the Cleveland Browns, Randy Lerner, owns a current Premier League team. What team is this?
Swansea's Walter Boyd shares the record for a sending off after 0 seconds with which other player?
Which current Premier League team started life as St. Mark's?
Name the team currently NOT in the premier league, from the London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham
What year were newly promoted Premier League team, Blackpool, last in the top flight? (within 3 years will be accepted)
Who was the last team to field a completely english team in an FA Cup final?
Which team was not promoted last season? A. Bournemouth B. Leeds United C. Grimsby Town D. Oxford United
Who has the record for the most top flight goals?
What was significant about the match between Portsmouth and Newcastle in 1956?
Paul Robinson scored the longest goal in history. How far was it? (Within 5 metres is acceptable)
(NEW QUESTION) Which two Conference teams were expelled for their respective leagues last season, due to financial difficulties? (write in alphabetical order)
Who has the most competitive starts for Liverpool?
In the 2007-08 season, Derby County scored the least points in the Premier League to date. How many points did they score?
Who scored the first Premier League goal?
Which team has the record for the most seasons in the top flight?
How many times have Leeds won the 1st tier title?
What was the final score in the 1976 FA Cup Final between Man Utd and Southampton? (eg. x - x)

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