Desperate Housewives Pairings

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Can you name the Desperate Housewives Pairings?

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PartnerHousewifeRelationship Type
Karl Mayerdated
George Williamsdated
Mike Delfinodated
Robin Gallagherdated
Victor Langmarried
Mike Delfinomarried
Jackson Braddockdated
Adam Mayfairmarried and divorced
Carlos Solismarried
Ian Hainsworthdated
PartnerHousewifeRelationship Type
Trip Westondated
Karl Mayermarried and divorced
Carlos Solisdated
Karl Mayerdated
Chuck Vancedated
Dave Williamsmarried
Orson Hodgemarried and divorced
Rex Van de Kampmarried
Keith Watsondated
Tom Scavomarried

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