Desperate Housewives Cliffhangers (Seasons 1-7)

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Can you name the Desperate Housewives Cliffhangers (Seasons 1-7)?

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Mike is run over by an unknown driver, the killer of Melanie Foster is revealed
Bree and Karl begin an affair. Lynette is pregnant once more. Mike Delfino gets married.
The Bolens and the Delfinos leave Wisteria Lane. Bree comes clean about Andrew's hit and run in season one. Paul Young moves back to Wisteria Lane.
Rex van de Kamp dies, Mike learns who killed his wife Deirdre
The girls protect Katherine from the police questioning her about Wayne's death. Edie is banished from Wisteria Lane by the other ladies.
Carlos kills Gaby's stepfather to protect her.
Edie attempts suicide. Bree reveals that she is pregnant, Susan discovers she is pregnant. Gaby's new marriage to Victor is off to a rocky start. Lynette discovers she has cancer.

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