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defintion word
Conference of ambassadors of Europe states. 100 years
Reasons why Napoleon's empire collapsed?
Government stays the same
People that wanted some change with Paience Process
Period of remorseless repression or bloodshed, period of terror during the French Revolution
Bourgeoisie and everyone else
Member of the Radical movement
Metting place of the 3 estates 2-1 vote
Middle class- Doctors & Lawyers
King of France who Napoleon drove ourt the 2nd time
Supreme power held by the people and elected representatives
Elected legislature in France during the first part of the French Revolution
Machine with heavy blade, beheading the people
Small island off the western coast of Italy, Napoleon's first exile.
Full of themselves, arrogantly superior
Causes of Problems in France
Intense pride in one's nation
Louis XVI wife, got her head cut off with the guillotine
Renounc one's thrown
1st Estate- Clergy 2nd Estate- Nobility 3rd Estate- Bourgeoisie and everyone else
defintion word
Divided army and conqure the emeny with two armies
Cut and Run
Napoleon's wife, most beautiful women, wouldn't love him back
Meets the British and Duke of Wellington
Leader of the Jacobins and architect of the Reign of Terror
People tore down the symbolic prison brick by brick
Naval battle against the French and Great Britian
Egyptian Invasion
Island Napoleon was sent to
The people pleaged their lives to the Republic
Reasons why Napoleon was so beloved?
Fourceful take over of government, & battle
Wants big change now
Weak king, King of France
French general who becam emperor of the French
British general, statesman, defeated Napoleon at Waterloo, served as Prime Minister
Foregin policy of Napoleon of France in his struggle against the United Kingdom of Great Britian
Fundamental document of the French Revolution, indivividual and collective rights of all the estates

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