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Can you name the Kings/Emperor of europe which have been excommunicated?

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Pope which excommunicatedKing/EmperorCountry
Pope Gregory VIIHoly Roman Empire
Pope Pius VKingdom of England
Pope Urban IIKingdom of France
Pope Adrian IVKingdom of Sicily
Pope Nicholas IIIKingdom of Hungary
Pope Boniface VIIIKingdom of France
Pope Boniface VIIIKingdom of Sicily
Pope Martin IVKingdom of Sicily
Pope Alexander IIIHoly Roman Empire
Pope Paul IIIKingdom of England
Pope Urban VKingdom of Castile and León
Pope which excommunicatedKing/EmperorCountry
Pope Pius VIIFrench Empire
Pope Boniface VIIIKingdom of Sicily
Pope Gregory IXHoly Roman Empire
Pope Boniface VIIIKingdom of Denmark
Pope Leo XKingdom of Scotland
Pope Innocent IIKingdom of Sicily
Pope Sixtus VKingdom of France
Pope Martin IVByzantine Empire
Pope Innocent IIIKingdom of England
Pope Clement VKingdom of Scotland
Pope Gregory IXKingdom of Hungary

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