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Can you name the movies whos titles have been altered?

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Celestrial Battles
Fake Wisdom
Pasture of Imaginings
Insomnia in the Emerald city
The Quick and Terribly Angry
Its a Mystery
Momentary Meeting
Negative Medic
Slumbering Siren
The Well Behaved the Awful and Unattractive
London W11
Bug Squash
Early Praise
Gamble King
Last Restingplace
Cults within the Big Apple
Tiny Nick
Slime Wasp
Tennant Bad
Plus One Outer Space
Red Bird Chav
Me Machine
The Band of Slightly Better Men
The Wizards Cup that Burns
The Cat the Sorceress and the Closet
Chilli Police
Expensive Infant
The Target at the Door
A Journal of a Magical land and the Heir of Sea
Noble Artery
Wizards Room of Hidden Thoughts

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