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Can you name the Minecraft Survival games contestants by quote?

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Yogscast edition
'This spider should be friendly...OOP NOT FRIENDLY it's definetly not friendly!' 
'My Lewis died...' 
'I would, but my master would strike me for betrayal' 
'There's never been anything between us, we've established this' 
'Wanna spoon?' 
'Augh, that pig is a (bleep)!' 
'I was shot by a skeleton' 
'My Minecraft has gone to powerpoint mode' 
'I have to go AFK and I'm probably going to die' 
'COME BACK HERE YOU (bleep)!' 
'I'm in a house, there's a spider knocking on the door...' 
'Why did I fall down this hole?' 
'Oh no I can't die now!' 
'You killed me!' 
'Any more cheeky reesis coming :3?' 
Machinima edition
'Is there a secret cave entrance of awesomeness there?' 
'Awww Aw Brooo' 
'So.....are we still on truce :3 ' 
'Why does Adam have a sword?' 
'Only one player can win the games!' 
'Oh no oh no oh no oh no!' 
'THANKS sponsor!' 
'Can you bite people' 
'We've got quite a plethera of commentators here' 
'Im still alive :) '  
'What are we waiting forrrrrr' 
'At midnight all dead will be risen' 
'Let the games begin' 

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