Epic Rap Battles of History

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Former pro wrestler hall of famer
Character from Lord of the Rings, famous for saying 'YOU SHALL NOT PASS'
Childrens tv show 'host', very kind and calm
French leading officer, short
Recently deceased pop singer, sung 'Thriller'
Catches bullets with his beard, is faster than the spped of light
Pop icon who sings 'My World'
Father of Luke Skywalker
Famous tyrant leader of a huge mongol horde
Former Pres. of the United States
Character from Harry Potter, headmaster of Hogwarts
Former pro wrestler who snapped slim jims in commercials
Disabled scientist who talks with a robotic computer
Strangely pop singer who wore a dress made of meats
Commercial pitchman, died about 2 years ago
Portugese explorer who 'discovered' America
Gives people eggs on Easter.
Beatles legend
Founding Father, on the 100 dollar bill
Famous childrens author, wrote the Cat in the Hat book
Brothers who invented airplanes
Captain of the Starship Enterprise on Star Trek
Helped assist the creator of the Epic Raps
One of the original famous models
Nicknamed The King of Rock, died on the toilet
The man who shouted 'THIS IS SPARTA' in the movie 300
main character in the video game 'Halo'
Former presidential candidate, female
Famous poet, wrote 'Romeo and Juliet'
Deceased classical music composer, deaf
An A-Team member, famous for saying 'I pity the fool'
Scientist with famous frizzy hair, came up with E=MC2
Pitchman famous for his towel and saying 'you follow me camera guy?'
Brother plumbers/heroes who wear red and green
Fictional, nerdy, and tater tot loving movie character
Controversial tv frontman
Created the Epic Rap Battles of History
Commander of the 3rd Reich
Ancient queen of Egypt
deceased leader of North Korea

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