Batman Villians by weapon

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Can you name the Batman Villians by the weapon named?

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Uses a puppet named Scarface to carry out bad deeds
A cane shaped like a question mark
An umbrella
A broad legendary sword, a staff, and a rejuvenating 'Lazarus' pit
A whip and cat-like claws
a gun and a coin with a scarred side
Hypnotizing powers and a large magician's hat
Electricity and Greek mythology based weapons
Giant crocodile claws and teeth
A sniper rifle which he has never missed a shot with
A blaster/gun that freezes the person it shoots
Fear gas distributed through the air or a shot
A chemical (Venom) distributed into his body to increase strength
A knife he uses to stab (Enlighten in his opinion) victims and make tally marks in himself
Laughing gas and a gun
stimulating powder and mutated plants

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