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About how long does a newt egg take to hatch?
An adult newt has a body similar to what animal?
What is phylum the newt in?
Name a body part a newt can regenerate.
What do many newts produce in their skin?
What family is the newt in?
What subclass is the newt in?
Name a continent that has newts.
The main breeding season for newts is between which months?
What kingdom is the newt in?
What subfamily is the newt in?
What Superclass is the newt in?
How many times can a fire belly net regenate its eye lens over a period of 16 years, still maintaining functional and structural properties?
How many developmental life stages does a newt have?
What class is the newt in?
What subphylum is the newt in?
What is a terrestrial juvenile newt called?
What order is the newt in?

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