Many Gimmicks, One Wrestler

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Can you name the Wrestlers who held these several gimmicks?

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GimmicksWrestler (real name)
The Sultan, Rikishi
Phineas I. Godwinn, Mideon
Kama, Papa Shango, Godfather
Sterling Golden, Hulk Hogan, Mr. America
Scotty the Body, Scotty Flamingo, Raven
Christmas Creature, Fake Diesel, Issac Yankem, Kane
The Man of Question, Hugh Morrus, General E. Rection
Mosh, Beaver Cleavage
Mabel, Viscera, Big Daddy V
Recon, B2
Lazertron, Gobbledy Gooker
Earthquake, Shark, Golga
Krusher Khrushchev, Demolition Smash, Repo Man
The Punisher, Dice Morgan, The Undertaker
The Widowmaker, The Stalker
Seven, Mordecai, Kevin Thorn
Doink, Eugene
Vinny Vegas, Oz, Diesel
GimmicksWrestler (real name)
Sexton Hardcastle, Damon Striker, Edge
Henry O. Godwinn, Shanghai Pierce
Fake Undertaker, Chainz
Brian Armstrong, Roadie, Road Dogg
Doink, Big Josh
Doink, Skinner
Brutus Beefcake, Booty Man, Zodiac, Disciple
Avatar, Shinobi, Leif Cassidy
Big Titan, Fake Razor Ramon
Bladerunner Rock, Dingo Warrior, Ultimate Warrior
Bastian Booger, Friar Ferguson, Trucker Norm
Cactus Jack, Dude Love, Mankind
Seven, Goldust, Black Reign
1-2-3 Kid, Syxx, X-Pac
Beetlejuice, The Juicer, Love Machine
Pegasus Kid, Wild Pegasus
Doink, Abe 'Knuckleball' Schwartz, Brooklyn Brawler

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