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Can you name the sports references as they pertain to the Periodic Table of Elements?

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Three-letter Rafteryism: 'He can get to the __.'
NBAer Dirk Nowitzki and NHLer Jochen Hecht might have this running through their veins
Mike Tyson's nickname
Tennessee pro team or Detroit college team could be made of this
WR Terrance who's caught passes for Cowboys, Saints and Chiefs (2004-present)
With Stars, San Antonio's WNBA team
Tynes, Taylor or Funderburke made of this?
In 2011, college baseball won't use these bats
Shaq's rap album Shaq Diesel reached _____ status in 1994.
1970s Dolphins RB Morris
LB Ian who made 500+ tackles for Broncos (00-03, 05-07) and Bucs (04)
Secret to success for Golden Bears or yesteryear's baseball Angels?
One of Deion Sanders' nicknames
This team's in front; it has a ____.
A single unit of 80s and 90s A's/Yanks/Angels OF Luis?
Formation featuring five defensive backs
A way to weaken Dwight Howard's alter ego?

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