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Can you name the lyrics of Under Pressure by Queen and David Bowie?

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Pressing down on you
Under pressure
Splits a family in two
[monossyllabic sounds] It's the terror of knowing
Watching some good friends
Pray tomorrow
[enter Freddie Mercury]
Pressure on people
[enter Brian May]
Chippin' around
These are the days
[enter Roger Taylor]
[monossyllabic sounds] People on Streets ee da dee da de
It's the terror of knowing
Watching some good friends screaming
Pressure on People
[enter David Bowie]
lyricsincomplete lyrics
Turned away from it all
Sat on a fence
Keep coming up with love
Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy [enter yyyyyyy]
Insanity laughs
Why don't we give ourselves
Why don't we give love
Why don't we give love
Give love
Give love
'Cause love's
And love dares you
Edge of the night
To change our way of
This is our last dance
This is ourselves
Under Pressure

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