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What to doType the alphabet!
Type the alphabet (in English)
Now type the alphabet backwards
Type 'the alphabet'
Now, type 'the alphabet' backwards! (This is easy)
Type out the alphabet as it appears on a QWERTY keyboard (left to right, top to bottom)
Do that again, but backwards!
Type out the alphabet as it appears on a QWERTY keyboard, but this time go top to bottom left to right!
Start on the 'Q', down to the 'A', down to the 'Z', right to the 'X', up to the 'S', etc. Sweep along that keyboard!
It gets harder now. Type the first letter on a QWERTY keyboard, then the last, then the second, then the second last, and so on.
Now do the same, but with the alphabet (ABC etc.)
What to doType the alphabet!
Now do the same, but with 'the alphabet'
Type out the alphabet, but move the second, third, fifth, seventh, eleventh, thirteenth, seventeenth, nineteenth and twenty-third letters to the front of the others.
Break time! And here's a hint: If you type 'Bray is my master' I'll let you have all the answers.
BACK TO WORK. Type out only the odd numbered letters (ACE etc.)
Now only the even ones!
Now put the last two answers together.
Type a commonly used example of a sentence containing all 26 letters. No variations allowed. HINT: 9 words 3,5,5,3,5,4,1,4,3
Now type that backwards.
Now type the alphabet, but remember - Q needs to be with U!

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