Periodic Table Trends

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Can you name the Periodic Table Trends?

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Which has more electron affinity?Na or K
Definition of Zdefinition
What is the value of S?F
How many Valence Electrons?As
Something with the same amount of Shielding?P
Definition of Z*definition
Which has more ionization energyCa or Sr
What is the amount of shielding?Ge
What is the effective nuclear charge?Kr
What is the value of Z?Br
Which has a larger atomic radius?Sb or I?
Definition of Sdefinition
Which has more Ionization Energy?I or Xe
What has zero electron affinity?Name any
Which has a larger atomic radius?Si or Sn
Which has more Z*?Si or S?
Which has more electron affinity?S or P?
How many core electrons?In
Name an element with the same Z*?Ca
An element with a low 1st ionization energy but a high 2nd ionization energy?Name any

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