Lewis Dot Diagrams and Bonding

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Can you name the Properties of Lewis Dot Diagrams?

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Number of Pi BondsHCP
Molecular GeometryBond Angle= 104.5
Molecular GeometryXeF4
Electron pair geometry4 bonds, 2 lone pairs
Polar or non-polar?PF3
Molecular GeometryTeCl4
Bond Angle5 bonds, no lone pairs
Polar or non-polar?PF5
Bond Angle[SO4]2-
Electron Pair GeometryXeF2
Molecula GeometryN2
Molecular geometryH2O
Hybridization6 bonds, 0 lone pairs
Bond Angle?CO2
Bond Angle3 bonds, 1 lone pair
Electron Pair GeometryNH3
Molecular Geometry3 bonds, 0 lone pairs
Molecular Geometry3 bonds, 2 lone pairs

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