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Rearrange the Ideal gas Law to find the equation for...
P (given V, n, T) 
V (given P, n, T) 
T (given P,V, n) 
n (given P, V, T) 
Molar mass (given d, P, T) 
Density (given MM, P, T) 
T (given MM, d, P) 
P (given MM, d, T) 
Fill in the blanks for the Kinetic Molecular Theory:
The Kinetic Molecular theory states Kinetic energy is directly _______ __ ______ 
If two gases are at the same temperature, they _____ __ ____ Kinetic energy 
Kinetic energy is equal to _______ 
(EXAMPLE: Ne vs Kr): since ____ has less mass 
It must have ____ _______ to have the same kinetic energy 
Between N2 and CO2...
Which is more ideal? 
Which moves faster? 
Which moves through a hole SLOWER? 
How do you convert?
20 degrees Celsius to Kelvin 
380 Torr to atm? 
750 mL to L? 
7600 mmHg to atm? 
Assumptions of the Ideal Gas Law
Assumption 2 (The reason why NH3 is less ideal than CH4) 
Assumption 3 (can't be corrected) 
Assumption 1 (The reason why Xe is less ideal than He) 

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