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{}{}~ Rapper: Cool J ~{}{}
Martial artist actor Jet
{}{}~ Rapper: initials for a name ~{}{}
Word indicating a recipient, as in an email
Spot on a Monopoly board that awards $200
Abbreviation of American auto-maker
{}{}~ Rapper: Short form of Marshall Mathers' stage name ~{}{}
*ADD A LETTER* Essential part of sleep cycle
Enforcer of the rules in sports
{}{}~ Rapper: Mos ___ ~{}{}
The shelter of an animal, like a lion
Daniel's nickname
Volkswagen slogan: ___ Auto
{}{}~ Rapper: known for public rap feud ~{}{}
To pester annoyingly
Plastic container for purchases in stores
{}{}~ Rapper: The Notorious ___ ~{}{}
Source of ham, pork, and bacon
Short hand slang for a photograph
Popular arcade game: ___-man
*ADD A... NUMBER* {}{}~ Rapper: killed in Vegas ~{}{}
Accronym for the Chinese Professionals Association of Canada
Face mask assisting COPD patients to breathe
An ovation of the hands
An open-handed hit
A thin piece of wood in a series that overlaps each other
Driver's, passenger's, and back
Opposite of received
{}{}~ Rapper: G-Unit member (2nd word) ~{}{}
Abbreviation for carrying on with something
Member of the Indianapolis football team
{}{}~ Rapper: New recruit to the ROC, J- ~{}{}
Part in a movie or play
Bathroom or wizard's attire
Takes someone's possessions
Employment opportunities
Happiness synonym, but plural
Toronto baseball team
{}{}~ Rapper: a.k.a. Hova ~{}{}
R & B Artist from Sierra Leone
Potato chip brand
Beams of light, as of the Sun
What a rapper does
The crime of non-consensual relations
*ADD A LETTER* A window covering
{}{}~ Rapper: Canadian YMCMB member ~{}{}
Tool for gathering leaves (include 'a' as first word)
Constellation in the Southern Hemisphere
River flowing into La Siene in France
{}{}~ Rapper: Aftermath creator ~{}{}

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