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Ice cream chain for short
Measure of intelligence
Black Eyed Peas hit 'Get __ Started'
The present tense of 'was'
A moon of Jupiter
One third of Santa's laugh
Opposite of 'stop'
Tasks to be completed: to-__ list
What you ask when you don't care
*ADD A LETTER* Naval distress call; Rihanna single
Masculin plural of 'the' in Spanish
Overhead passing shot in tennis; synonym of 'throw'
Robert's nickname
What a ghost says
A swampy wetland
To not share
Misty weather condition
Man's best friend
A cut-down tree
Carry something inconvenient
French spelling of 'Luke'
*ADD A LETTER* 50's sitcom 'I Love ____'
The Irish have it
Donald or Daffy
Parking lot for boats
Metamorphic, Sedimentary, Igneous
Chess piece
Employee who prepares food
To be like Fonzie
A person with Mr. T's pity
Method for multiplying binomials
Making water bubble on a stove
Paying for release from jail
Basket___, foot___, base___
To cry like a baby
Beatles haircut; strike or spare
They shoot arrows
Horizontal columns
*ADD A LETTER* They make a 'murderous' group
Formula 1 drivers have pit_____
Rude when she does it with her mouth open
Board game with 64 squares
Treasure is stored in a
On top of a rooster's head
A plant in the cabbage family
Lacking sensitivity; dense; thick
A place of learning; social category
'_____ of the Titans'
The only reason people watch NASCAR
Self-assertive in a rude way, cheeky
Artist's utensil to decorate a canvas
Reaction of the embarrassed
To expel down a toilet
Human skin
The Prince of Bel Air; 'This quiz was ____'

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