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DefinitionHarry Potter Name
a tropical herb
a type of container
given to change moods
an East Indian pheasant
a fool
to putter
a wide collar
a mass that forms beneath a slag in a furnace
to spread for drying
affected with gin
to pierce with many holes
a ringing device
a statement of costs
the hard, fibrous substance beneath the bark of a tree
an untidy woman
head of faculty
DefinitionHarry Potter Name
of a dark color
a farmer
a flowering plant
an alchemical designation for silver
a flowering plant
the male of various animals
to gain control of
to diminish gradually
to sprinkle with a type of perfume
to stoop
a shelter from the wind
to being to grow
an avenging deity in Greek tragedy
being of the darkest color
to steal
one that makes arrows
a cattie

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