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What Cathedral is the epicenter of the Renaissance?
This invention in 1455 revolutionized music printing and distribution
The Renaissance is defined as a rebirth of what?
In 1517, who tacks up 95 Thesis to a Church door?
The Madrigal is born in what country?
Where does the Renaissance start?
What composer saved Polyphony?
Who is the English book of Madrigals dedicated to?
Translated as 'to touch', this is the first instrumental genre
These two English composers had a monopoly over publishing English Music for 20 years
What is Fauxbourdon?
Text painting is when the music reflects what?
In the Council of Trent, the Church sought to ban what?
In 1601 English Composers compiled a book of madrigals titled the Triumphs of who?
What two countries become Protestant?

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