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The step between Organum and Motet is called what?
In Organum, where is the Cantus Firmus?
The repetition of musical fragments, either pitches or rhythm, is called what?
Medieval Instrumental Ensembles were called what?
How did the Roman Catholic Church feel towards Ars Nova music?
Medieval Music is separated into Ars Antiqua and _________________.
Organum Triplum has how many voices?
What country was the center of musical life?
This blind, gout stricken composer is one of the most well-known of the Ars Nova composers.
What is Cantus Firmus?
In Sacred music, what is the emphasis on?
This disease swept through Europe around 1300, killing approximately 33% of the population
Leonin and this man are the most well-known Ars Antiqua composers.
The most important vocal genre of the Ars Nova is called what?
Who wrote the Ars Nova Treatise?

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