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Urban Dictionary DefinitionTeam
They have only has ONE winning season since it's establishment, making them the worst team in the NFL
An awesome team that will make it to a Super Bowl under Manning
Used to be home to the dog hating quarterback of the league
A team with the most hated, yet illest and envied fans in the NFL
The team that the Terrible Towel was made for
Who Dennis Green thought they were
An NFL football team in the AFC that despite having many disapointing seasons or heartbreaking losses still have some of the most die hard, hardcore, loyal fans in all of football
A Football team that will never win a Super Bowl again, because without Elway they are worthless
An NFL team who's name stands for Boy I Love Losing Superbowls
An example of a weak inferior team and often times an automatic, guaranteed victory
They hold the distinction of being the second AFL team to defeat an NFL club in an AFL-NFL World Championship Game
They suck at football, there is nothing funny about how bad they suck
Football team that thinks its the center of the world; hasn't been to great since Parcells won 2 Super Bowls for 'em
The only team in NFL history to go to the playoffs with a 7-9 losing record and beat defending Superbowl champs
Ohio State Correctional System work release program
Maryland State Correctional System work release program
Urban Dictionary DefinitionTeam
A team who successfully pulled the greatest chokejob in the history of American sports
The filler team in the NFC East
The greatest show on turf with an awesome offense with the legendary RB Marshall Faulk and WR Torry Holt.
NFL team that has only won a single playoff game since 1997 which is a synonym for 'choke'
WHO DAT?!?!??!
Only team in NFL history to ever complete a season undefeated and win the Super Bowl
A Football team that does good with fast, black quarterbacks
A mediocre NFL team in the AFC West, every time they make it to the playoffs they choke, their best player is gone, and their fans happen to be the softest in the NFL
A very good football team who usually play well in the regular season, but CHOKE when it comes to a Super Bowl
Formed in 1960 as a member of the AFL, the originally called themselves the Titans and were stuck being NY's 2nd rate team
1995 expansion team who made the playoffs from 1996-1999, but suck now
Created in 1976 and currently play in the NFC South with the aints and the dirty birds
Have been awful ever since their best player retired
Their only good player is a wide receiver from Pitt
A group of men that used to take turns being pleasured by the biggest loser ever, Brett Favre.
Lost in the Super Bowl by ONE YARD

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